Inventory Management & Ticketing

Designed for Office and IT Equipment. Organise Hardware, Software & Tools. Label Items with QR Codes.
Assetpad dashboard example

AssetPad helps people like you to...

Manage assets

Manage Assets

  • Purchase information
  • Serial Numbers
  • Warranty details
  • Track costs
Helpdesk Ticking

Helpdesk Ticketing

  • Status tracking
  • Set case priorities
  • Due dates
  • Note tracking
asset location map

Locations & Departments

  • Group by location
  • Group by department
  • Quick search
  • Easier auditing

Organise equipment within your organisation

Get a quick overview of all inventory items in your company.

Identify which individual uses each piece of equipment and make smarter decisions about how to allocate resources across departments

The only asset tracking tool you'll need!

  • Anywhere access A web portal for both desktop & mobile. You don't need to manage servers or install additional software.

    Ditch spreadsheets, get more features Our customers love the benefits that AssetPad provides over more dated applications and tracking spreadsheets.

    Team collaboration Invite members of your team. Assign roles to colleagues and track assigned tickets.

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Supercharge you documentation, tickets and asset management!

Unlike some clunky, dated software and DIY solutions, AssetPad was built from the ground-up to give technicians everything they need to manage their IT estate, while empowering managers and team leaders with reports & analytics to make better decisions, faster.