Hi, I’m Andy. The founder of AssetPad.

We provide the tools you need to record, document, tag and organise your servers, desktop & laptop PC’s, printers, smartphones and everything else your team looks after.

Then, we give you the tools to record tickets and tasks.

Why AssetPad - the beginning

To earn a living while studying at university, I worked in an IT support role for a managed service provider.

I learned how to manage my company’s custom hardware and software on client’s networks.

We supported small payment devices in retail spaces, like WIFI card machines. We also looked after server side software, like custom bill managers and batch payment processing software.

Sometimes we would be asked to configure a replacement device on site.

To do this, we’d often need information from our client, to understand how the device or software should be configured.

This meant asking the client’s internal IT team, or consulting our own client specific documentation.

To my astonishment, I learned that there didn’t seem to be an industry standard method for recording assets and configurations within organisations.

Each of our client’s would forward us their network details in a different format, making it time consuming to record within our own database.

The Journey & what we will fix

Years later, I’ve spent many years building custom software for enterprise and medium size businesses.

My team and I often need to deploy and manage custom software within client networks.

I’m still seeing a lack of industry standard tooling for recording and sharing information about IT assets and configurations.

I founded AssetPad because I want to make the tool that will help organisations to fix these problems and be more efficient at managing their assets.

The Future

AssetPad is leaving closed beta in early summer.

We’ve gathered feedback from the community and listened to your ideas for features that will make AssetPad the killer tool that we know it will be.

Expect new features to be implemented over time, once each feature is ready for public use.

In the next couple of weeks we will be launching a roadmap of upcoming features that will be implemented in the near future.

Building AssetPad has been, and continues to be our absolute pleasure.

We will continue to improve, and we welcome any and all feedback.