Welcome to our first product update, covering the features recently added to the AssetPad portal.


Our focus over the last few months has been to allow customers to better manage their assets, starting with the addition of location tracking.

Locations in the AssetPad portal

A commonly requested feature is the ability to organise assets by their environment. The new locations area is the first phase in a series of upcoming changes targeted at better organizing assets.

From the new locations area, you can create and manage locations. Individual assets can then be assigned to locations.

Ticket sorting & filtering

The other major change in this update is the new ability to sort and filter tickets by their status, priority and the date created. This is going to allow your agents to more quickly access tickets based on the criteria that they need to search for.

The future

In the coming months, our focus will be to refine and unlock new features that are currently used by customers on the Beta Test site. Expect to see more tools for cataloguing and tracking your IT infrastructure.