Welcome to our October update. We’d like to take this chance to share some of the new features that we have recently added to the AssetPad platform.

Multi-user organisations

We have made some improvements to the signup flow that to make it easier than ever to invite co-workers into your AssetPad organisation.

To invite new users simply navigate to the “Users & Teams” page, click on the New User button and enter their name and email address.

The new user will receive an invite email containing a signup link.


The teams tab can be found in the “Users & Teams” page.

This is an area where you can gain an overview of the available teams within your organisation. Keep an eye on this space, since we’ll be expanding it’s functionality in the very near future.

What to expect in November

Our development team is hard at work implementing features that will allow you greater tracking of your assets.

By the end of November we are planning to roll our the ability to create QR codes for your assets. These can be printed and attached to hardware assets, and can be scanned at any time by users of your organisation to view the history of the asset and make changes.

This will be rolled out to customers using the beta platform in November, and all other customers in December.