From the AssetPad glossary.
A job or activity that needs to be completed. Tasks in AssetPad can range from support tickets to maintenance jobs and can be linked to specific assets.

An activity or action required to maintain, manage, or enhance a company's assets. These tasks are part of the day-to-day operational duties that contribute to the overall productivity and effectiveness of an organization. Examples of such tasks include hardware maintenance, software updates, asset tracking, or support ticket resolution.

Types of Tasks Maintenance Tasks

These are routine activities required to keep assets in good working condition. For example, cleaning a printer, updating software, or performing routine checks on a vehicle.

  1. Support Tasks: Tasks linked to resolving issues or fulfilling requests related to company assets. They function similarly to support tickets in IT service management, for instance, troubleshooting a computer issue, or setting up a new workstation for an employee.

  2. Operational Tasks: These tasks involve the day-to-day running of the assets within an organization. They might include restocking office supplies, running a server backup, or managing inventory of assets.

  3. Project Tasks: These are tasks that are part of a larger project related to assets. For instance, tasks associated with the rollout of new company-wide software or the procurement and setup of new office equipment.

How AssetPad can help

AssetPad is designed from the ground-up to allow effective management of tasks related to assets within organizations. It facilitates the tracking, assignment, and completion of tasks, thereby ensuring the smooth functioning and longevity of a company's valuable assets.